Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 13: Last Day in Thailand

On day 13 I woke up, and bid the guys farewell as they rode off to the
docks. I packed my bags, then sat, ate fruit, and talked with Tory as
I waited for my ride to take me to the Krabi airport.

They were to pick me up at 1pm. 1 came and went, then 1:15, 1:30. I
was getting worried. My flight was at 4:30, and the airport was over
2 hours away. Finally, shortly before 2, Porn and Tucta showed up.
They were my ride.

I got into the car, and began the most terrifying car ride of my
life! Porn drove as fast as the car would go. Given that Thai
traffic is terrifying to begin with, I'm just glad I didn't shit
myself on the way. Every once in a while, Porn would peek at me
though the rear-view mirror, see the frozen scream plastered across my
face, and laugh.

An hour and a half later, Porn screeched up to the airport, and I,
trembling, got my bags and thanked them. Tucta laughed that Porn
drives like that all the time. I remembered my previous motorcycle
rides, pictured Porn sharing the road with me, and felt the blood,
(what was left of it) drain from my face. At least I had plenty of
time before my flight!

One uneventful plane ride later, I was in Bangkok. Armed with a
little knowledge from Tory, and the ability to count in Thai, I felt
like a seasoned veteran in dealing with cabbies, pushy vendors, and
all the others that prey on clueless foreigners.

I checked into my hotel, then went out into the humid night to score
some comfort food. Just around the corner was pizza. I ate by
myself, watching the Bangkok night parade by outside the window. I
planned to go souveneer shopping a bit later.

I took the rest of my pizza to go, and gave it to an old beggar lady
on the sidewalk. It was a drizzly, humid, melancholy night. I was
sad to leave this place, and exhaustion was creeping up the backs of
my eyelids.

Back at my room, I typed on my blog for a bit, one finger, one letter
at a time, in my heavily cliched writing style, as my iPhone
"corrected" every other word, making it take twice as long.

Soon, all plans of going out faded away as I fell asleep. My time in
thailand had come to an end.

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