Sunday, May 18, 2008

Days 4 and 5: Party like an Expat

Days 4 and 5: Party like an Expat

So on day 4 I met up with a friend of a friend, Eric. Eric is a
comedian who lives in Bangkok now. We went out for a drink and a
bite, and Eric showed me where the locals go to party.

Throughout the night I met quite a few other expats, either friends
of Eric's or others who just happened to hear an American accent, and
wanted to know where we were from.

Anyway, the whole thing sort of snowballed into just a big blur of
partying harder than I've ever partied in my life for the next couple
of days.

What happened in those 2 days could fill pages, but I'd rather not put
any of it on the record. So I'll just put it like this...

Try to imagine how rock stars party...then ridiculously exaggerate
it. It was sort of like that.

Meanwhile, trouble was brewing elsewhere. In Singapore, my friend
Phil injured himself, and the recovery was not going well. Phil and I
were to meet up for a little scuba diving on a remote island in
southern Thailand, after I left Bangkok.

Elsewhere, hackers were breaking into Visa's computer systems.

And somewhere in the Adaman sea, cyclones were brewing. These events
would begin to collide the next day...

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Kris said...

Take some pictures of some of these people for me, dammit!

Sorry to hear about Phil, hope everything works out.