Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First 3 Days in Bangkok

Well, the first 3 days in Bangkok have been quite an adventure! So of
course, I didn't take any pictures. Especially at Wat Pho, and the
Grand Palace.. Easily the most amazing places I've ever seen in my life!

Initially, I was only going to stay in bangkok a couple days, but this
place is so awesome, I've just decided to stay until the 16th, when I
leave for Krabi.

Some of the highlights of my trip so far...
Clinging onto the back of a motorcycle taxi, weaving through
unpredictable Bangkok traffic at top speed.

Getting twisted and beaten during a traditional Thai massage. (it's a
bit like yoga, without the work)

Getting completely soaked in torrential rain as I ride down the river
in a ferry.

Visiting the world's largest reclining buddha. To get a mental
picture, imagine the statue of liberty, laying down, completely
covered in gold. In a massive, ancient building where every surface
glitters with intricate decorations.

Of course, the food here deserves a mention. It's all delicious,
incredibly cheap, and it's everywhere. You simply don't have to look
for a place to eat. Every street is peppered with vendors serving up
curries, fresh coconut cream puff-like sweets, noodle soups, meat-on--
a-stick, whole fried fish, Fresh-squeezed, florescent orange juice,
and a whole host of exotic fruits.

So far this place is as close to perfect as I've ever seen...except
for the air quality. Walking down the street is like sucking on an
exhaust pipe. Also, it's extremely hot and humid. You really have to
take multiple showers a day here.

A word of advice for anyone else traveling to Bangkok, if a taxi
driver asks if you want to see a ping pong show...you don't! Even if
you do, don't go. I'll put it this way, once you see it, you can't un-
see it. It's terrifying...in a bad way. And fat girls will harangue
you for expensive drinks the whole time.

I do, however highly recommend getting a traditional Thai massage.
You get vanilla-scented tea at the beginning, two hours of being
kneaded, cracked, stretched, and pummeled, then peppermint tea at the
end. All for 10-12 bucks! You'll feel brand-new afterwards.

Jason Phipps
Art Director
Big Boss Creative


Ryan said...

Sounds great. But doesn't a nice pack shot sound even better? Or how about some fairy dust?

bloodfarts said...

Sounds awesome. I can totally see you clinging to the back of some young indigenous fella. Hope you're having the time of your life.